Detailed planning by host sites

For the third time since thebeginning of the year, Lausanne 2020 host sites met on March 28th in Lausanne. Representatives of Champéry joined the other sites, as theywill henceforth be organizing the curling events. Before the session, the host sites had submitted their detailed schedules to the Organizing Committee. By defining the spaces and zones, the host sites were able to clarify the installations they will need. It was thus possible, in this meeting, to start working on the services to be provided during theevents. At this stage of planning, it was a question of defining theminimal expectations to be implemented for diverse areas such as transport, catering or security.This third host sites’ meeting was productive, thanks not only to the advancement of project details, but also, and most particularly, due to the sharing of experiences andcapitalizing on synergies effected by site representatives.